EFL teams may trade through the fourth week of the regular season (Trade Deadline:  Saturday at midnight ET - when Week 4 games are due).  Contracts will be pro-rated and count against the cap for the period of time the player spent on each respective roster.  Once a trade has been made and duly reported to the league membership by all involved teams the trade shall become official.  A confirmed trade is final.

Teams can trade players (or the rights to players) who reject (or are insulted by) contract offers (extensions and re-sign attempts).   The team trading for such a player, however, must offer an equal to or better contract than the one the player rejected with his original team in comparable negotiations (extensions / re-sign attempts) if applicable.  

Conditional trades involving players who refused (or were insulted by) contract extension offers can be transacted but an ACTUAL trade must be made.  In other words:  The player MUST go to the team which traded for him - he cannot go back to his original team if the new team fails to sign him to a contract extension.

The following is acceptable:

"If I sign the player - I will send you player X or draft pick X."
"If I cannot sign the player - I will send you player Y or draft pick Y."


Note:  Players cannot be traded directly back to the same team they were acquired from in the same year / season.

Note:  Rookie picks can only be traded one season past the current season.  This restricted is lifted at the conclusion of the season when an additional season's picks can be traded until the commencment of the College Draft.