Waiver Draft

Players cut in order to reach the 53 player figure and those not signed to contracts during the off-season are “waived” and available to all EFL teams in a Waiver Draft - with signing priority, round by round, based on the teams’ previous season’s finish (lowest winning percentage to highest winning percentage).  Once a team passes they are no longer eligible to select players in subsequent rounds.  The Waiver Draft will continue until all teams have passed.

Players selected in the Waiver Draft are signed to their “Koch Scouting Services” Value for 1-5 years, as determined by the selecting team. 

At the conclusion of the "exhibition season" each EFL team must trim its roster down to 53 players.  Any team cutting a player and replacing him with a waiver selection must pay the associated cut costs.

WAIVER DRAFT RESTRICTION (The Brady Law)  Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:58 pm  
1) No team may select with its first pick in the Waiver Draft a player released by that team AFTER the RFA Auction, unless that team is the final team to select in the first round.
2) A team may elect to "hold" its first pick in the Waiver Draft, deferring selection until such time as all remaining teams have either selected or passed in the first round, after which the team may immediately claim any remaining eligible player, including a player previously released by that team.
3) Multiple "hold" claims in the first round are resolved in order of draft.
4) Once every team has selected or passed once and all first round "holds" are resolved, the Waiver Draft will proceed to the second round without restrictions on selection.
- The "hold" is simply a mechanism that allows teams to effectively defer their first round pick until all other teams have had a chance to either select or pass on all available players, meeting the essential requirement that a player clear "waivers" before becoming eligible for re-acquisition.
- "First Pick" is defined as the selection of a player in the first round of the draft in the normal order of draft. If a team elects to "hold" its pick until after all other teams have selected or passed in the first round, the team is picking out of order at the conclusion of the first round and therefore does not breach the provisions of  Item 1).
- The term "hold" is used to distinguish the action from a "pass," which carries meaning and eliminates a team from the Waiver Draft.
- For example: If a team picking at #1 was hell-bent on re-signing a player it cut as a salary dump (let's say Tom Brady) at the earliest opportunity, the team would exercise a "hold" in the first round instead of selecting immediately. If, by some stroke of luck, Brady remained unclaimed after all other teams had had a shot at him in the first round, the "holding" team would be able to claim that player immediately, prior to the second round. However, if the sharp GM picking at #2 selected Brady, the team exercising the "hold" would be shit out of luck and would have to wait until the end of the first round to pick somebody else.