Powers of the Co-Commissioner(s)


The commissioner(s) shall resolve any conflict(s) that arise(s) where it is determined that a league vote is not practical.  With the ruling made, ANY member may request (with a written application stating their reasons) that the commissioner’s decision be overturned through a league-wide vote where a simple majority is REQUIRED to veto the commissioner’s decision (commissioner and involved members are excluded from the final vote).


League Affairs:

The day to day running of the league shall be handled by the commissioner(s) with the “final product” presented to the members, the exception to this coming when a “dice roll” is required to determine some team function.  In these cases the General Manager may leave the matter in the hands of the commissioner with the understanding that the end result cannot be appealed or they can be an active participant and “roll” the dice using the dice-rolling feature of IM.