League Format


The EFL is a computer based football league using the latest version of Action PC Football, including the annual projection ratings disk.  The league is comprised of 20 teams grouped into two conferences, each with 2 divisions of 5 teams.  Each team is subject to a 140 million dollar hard cap.


Playoff Format.

The first place team in each division as well as the best two non-first place teams (wild card teams) in each conference will qualify for the playoffs.  The three division winners will be seeded #1 (best division winning percentage and applicable tie breakers), #2 (second best division winning percentage) and #3 (third best division winning percentage).  The two wild cards teams will be seeded #4 (best non-division winning percentage and applicable tie breakers) and #5 (second best non-division winning percentage).

The two wild card teams in each conference will play a Wild Card Game to determine who moves on.

The #1 seeded team plays at home against the winner of the Wild Card Game between the #4 and #5 seeded team (with a home field advantage of 4) and the #2 seeded team plays at home against the #3 seeded team (with a home field advantage of 4).  The two winning teams will then meet for the conference title, with the higher seeded team receiving home field advantage (4).  The two conference winners will then meet at a neutral site for the EFL Championship – Gale Sayers Trophy.


A newsletter shall be published weekly, with each home team responsible for a game summary / recap to be submitted with the game file.  The newsletter will typically contain game write-ups and statistics of the week’s games, league news and any other submissions of interest – with EFL members encouraged to actively participate in its production.


Games must be played on a weekly basis, using the Schedule feature and with Side-By-Side Box Scores.  Game files will be due at the League Office no later than midnight (Eastern) on Saturday, allowing for the timely production of the newsletter and updated league disk. 


If a mutually agreeable time cannot be found in order to play a week’s game efforts should be made to find a substitute coach.  As a last resort the game shall be played against the computer, with the emergency coaching file (COA) used.  If a game result is not received by the midnight deadline the game shall be auto-played by the League Office, with the negligent member receiving a warning.  Two warnings in one season and the league may revoke the member’s franchise.