The EFL was established in 2007 in order to provide the true thinking football simulation gamer with the opportunity to run a football franchise.  Each EFL General Manager is afforded the opportunity to build and control a football franchise which will compete yearly for the EFL championship trophy, the Gale Sayers Trophy.  While a competitive approach is a must, member integrity and a spirit of friendship is of paramount importance – “win but not at any cost.”


The inaugural season of the EFL shall be comprised of 12 charter franchises run by 12 hand picked General Managers who will jointly lay down the foundation of a dynamic league that will be second to none.  Each General Manager will be expected to participate in all phases of the EFL and a nominal monetary commitment in the form of annual dues will be made.  Expansion will be discussed at the conclusion of each season, with a vote required to implement an increase in the size of the EFL   Upon a successful vote new members will be sought, with priority given to those sponsored by active EFL members.

The same vote is required to implement any rule(s) change(s) submitted to the league for approval during the New Rule Proposal phase which takes place immediately following the EFL Championship Game.  New Rules must be submitted in writing to the League Office and will subsequently be posted league wide for discussion and voting.


All members must have Instant Messenger (IM) as all league activities will take place in “real time,” including: re-signing players, free agency and the College Draft.  IM also enhances trade talks and the playing of games.  Additionally, each member is required to join the EFL’s Yahoo Group site, EFL-Posts – which will facilitate league communication.